Ancient German Remedy That Unclogs Arteries, Prevents Infections & Boosts Immune System

If you’re suffering from poor immunity, cloged arteries, cholesterol and infections or you need a liver detox, this German recipe is perfect for you. It is effective for treating infections, fatigue, influenza, common cold, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis. It is also extremely beneficial in treating vascular congestion and kidney stones.

Powerful Ancient German Remedy


-4 Organic lemons, with peel
-3-4cm of ginger root or 2 tablespoons grated ginger
-4 Large garlic


-First you need to wash lemons and cut all of them into small pieces.
-Peel all cloves of the garlic.
-Put ginger root, garlic and lemons in your blender and blend all together until you get a …read more

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