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Health Myths BUSTED!

The other day I read an article that has been doing the rounds on social media- common nutrition based myths the majority of people believe. I posted it on our Facebook page so click here is you want to have a read. I found myself agreeing with quite a few of these myths, and disagreeing

2nd Week of July is National Therapeutic Recreation Week

Since 1984, the National Therapeutic Recreation Society has been celebrating the National Therapeutic Recreation Week every second week of July. This is to highlight the importance of engaging in activities that aid in the recovery and healing of people with various forms of disabilities. It can also apply to people undergoing holistic cancer treatments and

The Atkins Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

The latest book in the series is the Atkins Diabetes Revolution. The book offers a comprehensive program that includes diet and nutrient supplementation. …read more

Make A Relaxing Essential Oil Blend

How to make a relaxing, fragrant essential oil blend. This essential oil blend can be added to massage oil or added to an aromatherapy diffuser to scent a room. …read more

Fenugreek for Diabetes

Find out whether fenugreek, a traditional herbal remedy, may help to manage diabetes and keep cholesterol levels in check. …read more

Should You Stay Away From These Harmful Cancer Tests?

It may be a good idea to get regular cancer screening, but not when the screening itself is dangerous! Cancer researcher Ty Bollinger discusses some screening methods that do much more harm than good. He also mentions some much safer options. …read more

3 Steps to Improve Health During or After Cancer Treatments

Traditional cancer treatments can be very hard on the body. So what can you do to help improve your health while you’re undergoing these treatments or after? Dr. V?ronique Desaulniers discusses some important things to keep in mind and try if you’re in that situation. …read more

Dr. Nick Gonzalez on What Vitamins and Supplements You Might Need!

Dr. Nick Gonzalez says it can certainly depend on a persons condition or disease. He treats cancer patients and says that the kind of cancer you have often dictates what types of vitamins and supplements you need. Your diet also plays a big role. …read more

Some Foods and Drugs Don’t Mix

While most of us are aware of the problems that occur when mixing prescription drugs with grapefruit juice, many don’t know that there are a number of potential food and drug reactions. Green tea and chocolate, for example, provide a number of health benefits, yet combining them with specific drugs can be pretty unhealthy. The

You’ll Never Guess The Biggest Cause of Inflammation Causing Free Radicals

Free radicals lead to damaging inflammation in the body. What can you do to reduce this process? Dr. Peter Glidden discusses inflammation and how it causes decay and other damage in the body. Also find out the role free radicals play in this process and why people who live in the south are especially vulnerable!