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9/11 On Trial

9/11 On Trial Over the past 17+ years a great many people who have closely examined the events of September 11, 2001, have concluded that the official government story we were presented with simply cannot be true. Included amongst these people are thousands of architects and engineers, university professors, first responders, pilots, and many others.

YOU only YOU are in charge of your health

USA Today ran an interesting series of articles on our ridiculous health care system or should I say our “disease care” system. While more and more Americans concerned with the increasing costs of the U.S. health care system, hawked as the best medical care in the world, the problem is that those that cannot afford

Meals Trigger Inflammation

We are not only taking in nutrients when we eat we are also consuming a significant quantity of bacteria. That’s certainly not fun to think about! In order to fight these bacteria, our body is faced with the challenge of simultaneously distributing the ingested glucose and fighting these bacteria. An inflammatory response is triggered that

Best Form of Folate to Take? Folic Acid Awareness Week

Holli Ryan RD, LD/N The Benefits of Folate and the Best Form to Take The best form of folate to take is the metabolically active form called L-methylfolate (also known as5-methyltetrahydrofolate or 5-MTHF). However, folic acid, the synthetic form of vitamin B9 (folate) is commonly found in fortified foods and (historically) in vitamin supplements. Folate

Repurposing Drugs

Have you heard the latest? Oxford University have developed a unique way to identify existing drugs that could potentially be repurposed for treating Parkinson’s by putting together the cutting-edge stem cell technologies and computational biology. This research was published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics, and uses a stem cell technique to change a small

Turmeric and Hemoglobinopathy

Hemoglobinopathy is a group of hereditary disorders in which the structure of hemoglobin is abnormal that causes problems. A number of disorders are included in hemoglobinopathy are sickle cell anemia, hemoglobin C disease, congenital dyserythropoietic anemia, various types of thalassemia etc. The defects arise in the production of hemoglobin by its gene which is of

Bugs coming soon in the food

We are living in a sick world and it might be a good time to go vegan and definitely read labels. I just read and article in the newspaper that blew my mind. It was entitled, Bugs in your food? Might be on purpose! The article was written by Sean Rossman of USA TODAY and

Caffeine good or bad for us…. According to today

Waking up to a cup of Joe is a morning routine for most of us. Billions of people rely on caffeine to get the day going, for a pick me up, and just because they enjoy it. One day we hear it is good for us and then the next day we hear that it

Top 10 Anti-Cancer Foods You Need To Add To Your Diet

When it comes to cancer prevention, diet has a significant role to play. While there’s no magic food guaranteed to cure the deadly disease, this lifestyle factor can still make a huge difference in lowering your risk of developing malignant tumors. And if you’re already battling cancer, consuming healthier meals will help maintain your strength

Dangers of root canals and the solution

Since 1965, the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION has brainwashed people into believing that root canals are good and necessary. The reality is that root canals leave gangrenous tissues behind that create toxicity and leave dead matter in the human body. The teeth that are treated with root canals harbor bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, yeasts, and ve