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Can Frankincense Treat Cancer?

A recent article written by Zawn Villenes and reviewed by Alana Biggers, MD, MPH, offered some good information on frankincense. Frankincense oil is derived from the Boswellic tree and has a long history in myth and folk medicine. This was one of the three gifts offered to Jesus by the wise men. This very well

Vegan and Raw: Is the Thrive Diet Safe?

If you think veganism is extreme, you haven’t tried the thrive diet. Introduced by Brendan Brazier, former professional athlete and now author, the thrive diet is a raw, vegan lifestyle plan. People who follow the thrive diet don’t count calories or limit food portions. Instead, they eat several plant-based meals throughout the day to maintain

Your Lymph Nodes Tell You How Sick You Actually Are

How Many Times Have You Had Swollen Lymph Nodes? Almost everyone has experienced a swollen lymph node at least once in their life, but what about those who experience swollen lymph nodes too often? That Means Your Health Is Failing You And Will Soon Develop Illness! I know that sounds harsh, but reality always is.

The Thyroid and Gut Connection

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” It seems that there are many situations in life that can be represented by this. One of which is the connection between gut health and thyroid health. A healthy gut supports a healthy thyroid, and vice versa. The reverse is also

Overcoming hypocrisy

We live in a society where duplicity, lying, deceit, and not being honest are common. We are inundated with people that say one thing to your face and another behind your back. And, God forbid, if they get found out they make you the enemy. In the past few years, this has happened to me

Leftists carrying out manipulative political operations, deceiving entire nation-states, attempting bring in authoritarianism

The Socialist-left throughout the world have been on a propaganda rampage ever since they lost the 2016 Presidential election in the United States. The lying mainstream media propaganda media outlets told the entire world throughout the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaigns that Donald Trump would NEVER defeat Hillary Clinton. In their sheer arrogance, the oligarchical political

Protein-Based Cancer Signature

The University of Basel’s Biozentrum research team has investigated the expression of ribosomal proteins in a range of human tissues, including tumors. They have discovered a cancer type specific signature and have reported this in Genome Biology. This cancer signature could potentially be used to predict the progression of the disease. As we learned in

President Trump is being manipulated in Syria

In an interview with Bashir Al Assad following the US-led strikes in Syria, Al Assad pointed out the obvious point which the US and their allies seem unwilling to even examine as a possibility. There was no strategic, military or political benefit for Al Assad to gas his own people, when the Syrian Army had

Testicular Cancer Awareness: Nine Questions to Ask Your Doctor

A testicular cancer diagnosis is a lot to take in. As you deal with your disease, emotions, and the process of treatment, you need to have honest and open discussions with your cancer care team. Therefore, it is important to ask several questions, no matter how small they may seem. Here are nine questions you

10 Steps to a Healthy Life – How I healed my headaches and lost 15 pounds

Find the time today to take action and heal your body and mind for a healthy life! These are steps that I’ve taken over the years to get where I am. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but I have way more energy now. Twelve years ago I was sitting in Starbucks sipping a frozen coffee drink