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Excess Weight Helps Colon Cancer Survival

Robert Preidt recently wrote an article that actually supports excess weight in some people. It has been reported through a new study that overweight colon cancer patients tend to have a better survival rate than their normal-weight peers. Those who are overweight and obese have been identified as risk factors for any health conditions, but

Easter Aftermath: How to Jump Back on the Health Train

How are you today? Did you wake up feeling sluggish, grouchy, and exhausted? Don’t worry. You are not alone. After Easter or an unhealthy long weekend, it can be easy to feel like you overdid it on the delicious, calorific food. If you spent the past few days overdoing it on Easter eggs and mimosas,

Can We Protect Ourselves from a Toxic Environment?

Polluted food, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, electromagnetic pollution — it appears that toxins are everywhere in our environment. These days, one also hears about toxic people and relationships. The Essentials: Food, Water, and Air Food is a major area of concern with regard to toxicities. In addition to residues from pesticides and chemical

Healthy Living After 40: Tips for Hormone Balance & Weight Management

Carrie Forrest Turning 40 years old doesn’t have the same negative connotation it had when I was growing up. Or, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part as I settle into my fourth decade! Still, turning 40 can be a transition for both men and women as our metabolism starts to slow down and

Can Turmeric Prevent Kidney Stones?

Yes, turmeric and its active constituent curcumin can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Turmeric prevents the formation of calcium oxalate and struvite stones, which are two of the most common types of kidney stones. However, turmeric, as a spice, contains significant amounts of soluble oxalates and some minerals which could lead to the formation

Autism–can listening to Mozart rewrite the score?

“Some people will say that the essence of autism is the inability to model other minds” Dr. Norman Doidge, MD Our world is framed by our perception. There is no “reality”. There is no good or bad. There is only perception of an experience. Is a rollercoaster ride terrifying or exhilarating? Your brain uses about

Will it ever end?

A while back, Mike Adams wrote a great piece on how the public is kept nutritionally uneducated. Unfortunately, the best place to start with this are the youngest members of society through the school lunch program. In this era of government bailouts and concern over wasteful spending, an opportunity presents itself to take a hard

The Impact of Falling Down and How to Prevent Falls

In 1973, Erica Jong’s ground-breaking novel Fear of Flying, which documented a 29-year-old woman’s journey of self-discovery, became a national bestseller. Fast-forward to the present day, and a likelier concern for the book’s aging heroine might be her fear of falling. The Physical and Psychological Impact of Falls Falls come at a significant cost to

6 Ways to Harmonize Your Home and Health with Feng Shui

Kathryn Weber In Feng shui, which is often called the “Chinese Art of Placement,” the focus is on creating a living space that promotes happy relationships, vibrant health, growth, and prosperity. The greatest of Feng shui’s aspirations? Good health. A home with good Feng shui is one in which health is enhanced for everyone who

Kick Seasonal Allergies to the Curb

Did you know that you are susceptible to getting hay fever throughout seasons? As different trees, grasses, and weeds bombard the air with pollen — that congested feeling can occur during spring and fall. And just when you think summer is your haven, outdoor mold starts to release airborne spores into the air, which can