Dare to be different? Live the life you should be living. The book that makes a difference… The 12 Theories Of Aging That Really Matter & What You Can Do About Them

In this day and age of information overload, most people have missed some of the biggest scientific research going on concerning healthy aging and longevity. Thousands of researchers are working on ways to prolong life and trying to do so while preserving robust health right up to the end. Imagine a 120 year or longer journey of living while enjoying a high-energy level, free of most major maladies. Life is not supposed to be painful, full of medical disorders, and lingering illness.

Combining the newest research on aging with the common sense wisdom of the past, author Terence L. Reed has laid out a twelve-step program for preserving your current health while building the best chance of living a long, fruitful life. Seeing the results of cause and effect in his own life and that of others, Terence observed those that took care of themselves did indeed live much longer lives, often free of pain and illnesses that so commonly affect so many Americans today. Actual animal studies and research point out the many steps we can further take to increase our chances of arriving to old age in good shape with our mental powers intact. Critics and skeptics claim you can do little and that misinformation, along with mass media advertising of harmful products, have created a false impression that aging is a runaway uncontrollable process.

Dare to create a new paradigm for you and your family. Start now down a road that will be less traveled yet very rewarding. Take simple steps now that will help keep you and your loved ones healthy and free of disease. Stand ready for the many new changes that are and will be taking place soon in the world of medicine and scientific discoveries. Experiments have already shown that scientists can keep various live forms living twice as long than was thought possible. Learn from some of the latest research on what you can do now to preserve your health going forward.

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