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Pomegranate: Medicinal fruit

Pomegranate is a type of tree and its fruit can be used for different purposes, even medicinal. It originates from Iran. It is mostly grown in Mediterranean countries, but also the U.S., Japan, China, Russia, India, and Afghanistan. Pomegranate contains antioxidants and these chemicals help ward of bad cells such as those that are cancerous

Pretending used to be fun – Now? Run for cover

When I was a kid, most of my time was spent pretending. Pretending to be Superman, pretending to be a cowboy, pretending to be a hero and, at times, pretending to be a doctor. As I grew up I realized that pretend time was growing to a close and reality time was getting closer and

Nivolumab and Ipilimumab: Efficacy of Immunotherapy for Kidney Cancer

In April 2018, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the combination of immunotherapy drugs ipilimumab (Yervoy) and nivolumab (Opdivo) as a form of first-line or initial treatment for people diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer — whose malignant disorder has an intermediate or poor prognosis, according to the National Cancer Institute. A promising

13 FAQs About Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy drugs have become a standard form of medication for some cancers. Here are thirteen questions to ask your doctor, as well as additional information that can help you have a better understanding of immunotherapy. What is immunotherapy for cancer? Immunotherapy, also called biologic therapy or biotherapy, is a cancer treatment that stimulates a patient’s

Six Easy Ways to Detoxify

Why Detoxing is Important Recently reading health advocate Suzanne Somer’s best selling book Tox-sick increased my awareness of the critical importance of detoxification on a regular basis. Lack of adequate nutrients along with toxins are the underlying cause of most chronic life threatening diseases, including auto-immune diseases, cancer and heart disease. With the daily onslaught

Why most MD’s are Lolo

There should be deep concern and appall at the alarmingly poor state of health of the American people. American medical doctors have utterly failed the American people, their trusting patients aka customers. Were doctors to become true healers instead of hookers for the pharmaceutical industry, maybe then would the American people have a true shot

Hepatitis C: The liver’s enemy

Hepatitis C is a type of viral infection that causes inflammation to the liver. The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread through blood that is contaminated. It is most commonly spread via shared needles or other tools that inject drugs. HCV can be short term, but for about 70-85% of people, it becomes a chronic

A Closer Look at the COVID Vaccine Rollout

We’re almost a full year into ’14 days to flatten the curve’ but good news has finally arrived. The vaccines are here so life can return to normal! Right? Er, well…not exactly. Actually it seems the ever-elusive goal posts have moved yet again. Far from returning to normal we’re now being instructed by various ‘health

Who Can Make War With Him… The Rise of the Anti-Christ

Hi Friends, In my humble time-line we could see the rise of the Anti-Christ between March and April of this year, 2021. This is because if you start from the Astrological sign of Revelation 12 that happened September 23, 2017 and the opening of the TPNW for ratification on Feast of Trumpets on September 20,

How Doing Nothing Benefits Cancer Patients

Do you remember the last time you did nothing? 100 percent free from distractions, the “lying down, staring off into space, being alone with your thoughts and emotions” kind of nothing. If like most people, your routine consists of hours in front of a screen, then you might be “thinking rarely,” or perhaps “never thinking”