Top Foods High in Iodine

Food Sources of Iodine

Holli Ryan RD, LD/N

Iodine is an essential trace mineral, or micromineral, meaning we require smaller amounts of it compared with macrominerals, such as calcium.

The primary role of iodine in mammalian biology is to support the synthesis of thyroid hormones. 1,2 Iodine also plays an important role in fetal neurodevelopment/cognitive development in children.3,4 Iodine has also been shown to support normal breast tissue in women.4

Who is at risk of not getting enough iodine?

  • Residents of developing countries5
  • Vegetarians and vegans5,6
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women4,5

Those who are deficient, at risk of deficiency or whose diet may be lacking should focus on …read more

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