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Fried food – Adding calories and fat to your dish

Most people are well aware that fried foods are not good for your waistline or health. Yet, turning down French fries is an act of willpower and strength. The bottom line is that fried foods are high in fat, calories, and usually salt. As a result, consumption of these foods has been linked to obesity

Orange Juice – pros and cons of the breakfast beverage

Orange juice is a breakfast favorite and comes in different varieties. This liquid extract can come from blood oranges, Valencia oranges, navel oranges, tangerine, or clementines. Some types include more pulp than others. Drinking orange juice can be just a beneficial as eating an entire orange, provided it is not loaded with preservatives, sugar, and

Eat right. Live longer

As a vegan for years, the question of where do you get your protein or your calcium or your whatever always comes up. So, where is it acquired? Read on. PROTEIN Nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, barley, etc), meat, chicken and fish substitutes, artichokes, asparagus, beets, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels

Safety and Effectiveness of Herbal Medicines for Cancer Treatment

For many centuries, herbs, herbal substances, and botanical products have been used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases, including infections and malignant diseases. Several researches found that a number of herbal plants possess anticancer properties both in vitro and in vivo. Some of these plants include ginger, aloe vera, Boswellia, anise, and Dong Quai.

How to Manage Side Effects of Targeted Therapy

Unlike traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, targeted therapy targets cancer cells without harming normal cells. The drugs used in this treatment often work by detecting and blocking genes or proteins that signal the cancer cells to grow and divide. Due to its precision in targeting cancer cells, targeted therapy poses fewer side effects than chemotherapy.

The power of oxygen

There is no more precious element on the face of the earth more essential to life itself than oxygen. In addition to being the third most abundant element found in the sun and making up 20% of the earth’s atmosphere, oxygen plays a critical role in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, which is said to give the

Cataracts: Live to see each day

Cloudy, blurry vision might mean you have cataracts. This condition is much more common in older adults, especially those over age 60. Cataracts are the result of protein building up in the eye that is blocking clear vision. Light is not able to pass clearly to the eye. There are four types. The first is

Navigating Nutritional Challenges of Colorectal Cancer Patients During Treatment

As much as a healthy diet is important to battle cancer, it is just as essential that the body can absorb the nutrients properly to benefit from them. In the case of colorectal cancer patients, it is more challenging because the colon’s natural function of digestion and nutrient absorption is affected by cancer and its

Focusing On Women’s Cancer: Updates on Gynecological Cancer Treatment

When we talk about cancer in women, the most common answer will be breast cancer. This is mainly because of the alarming rate of breast cancer cases yearly. While this common knowledge is a good thing, only a handful of people know about other cancers that solely women experience. These are gynecological cancers. To provide

Artificial Intelligence and Cancer (Part 2): Big Data and Precision Oncology

“Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence” are some of the buzzwords most people use nowadays. However, in the medical community, it is proving to be a largely advantageous tool for multiple fields. Doctors have always taken great notice of medical information coming from substances to records. It is a tool that helps them assess and treat