Let’s Regenerate Our Neurons!

I would say that probably all of us have the desire to keep our brain and our mind working for us until the day we die. Right? I know I do. I want to be able to make memories and, and keep those new memories and the old ones I want to know who I

Need Brain Help?

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. I have lots to tell you about the new science and research that’s just recently coming out about renewing the brain neurons. It’s possible that we can save ourselves from cognitive problems. No matter what age we are. If you or someone you love or know has

Reboot Your Brain’s BDNF

We’ve all heard that as we get older, our brain neurons die off and there’s no more to be grown. Well, that’s simply not the truth anymore. New studies have shown us that the neurons can regrow and revitalize. So we have hope. Researchers have found that the brain derived neurotrophic factor which is also

Brain Neurons Can Regenerate! YAY

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon, and I’ve been on my little walk down here to the ocean, which I love. It’s one of the best stress relievers I’ve got that I have anyway. So I wanted to catch you up and just share this beautiful ocean with you if, you’re not near an ocean right now.

Stay fat and big pHarma and big food rakes in the bucks!

Most of the people in the America are doing their best to lose weight. They go on diets, eat low carbs, take diet pills, buy diet books, and join fitness clubs or work out as best as they can. Guess what? They still put on more weight and obesity rules! Years and years ago we

Pineapple – This fruit has a crown for a reason

Pineapple is a tropical fruit many enjoy fresh, canned, or frozen either as a meal or snack or even in a beverage form. This yellow fruit is tasty and has many benefits for consuming it. Nutritionally speaking, pineapple is part of a healthy diet but of course not to be eaten in excess. It’s always

Let’s Deal with Stress

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Today, I decided to take a day off from going into the clinic and stay in at home and doing some paperwork and doing a few things for the clinic. Well, I got started and about nine o’clock here comes the tree trimmers into our neighborhood, they

Exciting New Protocol!

I’ve got some great news to tell you about. Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. In today’s video, I’m going to change direction a little bit from what I normally talk about because I am so excited about a new protocol we have. I’m hoping that it’s going to help many people. Well,

Red Berries and Instinct

On my walk this morning, I spotted these beautiful little red berries. And it reminded me of what I learned in medical school during botanical medicine classes. Did you know that a lot of the red berries are very poisonous? So, let’s say there’s a young deer in the forest, and he’s becoming very hungry.

Personality Sickness

There’s recent discoveries being made with the help of functional brain imaging, showing that if we dwell in certain mental states for long periods of time, those mental states will shape our health. There’s four different types of personalities: type A, B, C, and D. Type A people are high achievers, competitive, impatient, ambitious, and