Research Study – Genes Targeted By Breast Cancer Therapeutics

Breast cancer is cancer of the breasts, commonly found in women but can also occur in men. It occurs when the cells lining the ducts and lobules in the cells start dividing uncontrollably. Breast cancer is slowly becoming a very common incidence throughout the world. 25% of all cancers in women are breast cancer. The

Stay away from Splenda

If there were a contest for the best example of total disregard for human life the victor would be McNeil Nutritionals – makers of Splenda (sucralose). Big pHarma would tie for a very distant second. McNeil Nutritionals is the undisputed drug-pushing champion for disguising their drug Splenda as a sweetener. Regardless of its drug qualities

Cancer Myths & Facts

Many people believe that you will get cancer because someone in your family had it, but that is false. About ½ of men and 1/3 of the women in the U.S. will get the disease at some point. Only about 5%-10% of cases are linked to genes from their parents. The doctors aren’t sure why

Is Coffee Good for Your Mental Health?

Img c/o pexels Few studies confirm the theory that caffeine presents a negative effect on anxiety, but what other studies found is the exact opposite. A study in Brazil revealed that coffee may help those suffering from anxiety, stress, and mild depression. According to the researchers, people who drink a moderate amount of caffeine (less

What Fathers Say About Their Fathers

A young man admitted that he was well into his 30’s when he learned to love his dad for who he was and not for what he thought he should be. He remembers his father as a good man, a hard worker, volunteer, churchgoer and encourager, but thought he needed more from him like more

Is Cell Phone Radiation a Brain Cancer Risk Factor?

Mobile phones are part of our everyday lives. We use them to make phone calls, send emails, connect with friends and family, and to entertain ourselves. As harmless as mobile devices may seem, several researchers are on a mission to prove the link between cell phone usage and brain cancer. In fact, the debate over

Top 5 Health Hazards to Avoid for a Happy and Healthy Summer

Summer is a great time to go outside and get your daily dose of vitamin E. However, this time of year also brings additional risks to your well-being, including these summer health hazards: Heat Stroke Heat Stroke or Hyperthermia is a condition caused by your body overheating because of prolonged exposure to or physical exertion

Dads’ Favorite Sayings

As we are all aware, Father’s Day is coming upon us again on June 17th. This is our time to honor our fathers and make them special. To do this there are many ways to do things and say to make his day a brighter one. Some very common things that all dads seem to

If ‘Blue Light’ is Bad For Us, Which Type of Light is Good?

Science Says: ‘Blue Light’ is Bad for Us, Green Light May Be Good The good and bad effects of light exposure have “come to light” in recent studies that have investigated the positive effects of sunlight on health and the negative effects of exposure to artificial light, particularly at night. While full-spectrum lighting mimics the

History of Father’s Day

On June 19, 1910 Sonora Smart Dodd held a Father’s Day celebration at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington. William Jackson Smart was her father, a civil war veteran and a single parent who raised his six children there. She first proposed the idea at the Old Centenary Presbyterian Church where she was a member. She