Oh, Those Bagged Salads!

Robert Preidt, a HealthDay Reporter, wrote an interesting article on bagged salads. Researchers have found that prepackaged salads may promote the growth of salmonella bacteria. If you find even slight damage to leaves in the salad bags, they can release juices that encourage the spread of salmonella. The juices also boost the bacteria’s ability to

Tangerines and Tangeretin: The Appeal Is in the Peel

Tangerines and Tangeretin: The Appeal Is in the Peel Tangerines are a citrus fruit that are smaller and sweeter than oranges. Named for Tangier, Morocco, where they were once sourced, the fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber. The frequently discarded peel of citrus fruit is known for its beneficial bioflavonoid content.

Optimism & Women

Honor Whitman wrote an interesting article on women and how optimism might boost their longevity. I thought this was an interesting view and so, so true. How many people look at the glass as half empty rather than half full? This, in some instances, could be a matter of life or death for some women.

Can You Use Black Cumin Seed Oil With Turmeric for Absorption?

YES, black cumin seed oil may be taken with turmeric and black pepper combination and in the golden paste. Studies do not report any toxicity or adverse effects of this oil with either turmeric or black pepper. Theoretically black cumin seed oil should help improve curcumin’s bioavailability but more research is required to confirm this.

The big pHarma race is on

We are all aware that Big pHarma gets rich by keeping us sick. But, how bad are they really and what’s their true goal? Rather than list them all, I pick four of the biggest that are competing for the “Most Evil” title. For those of you that are not familiar with the movie “Soylent

Another Day, Another Massacre of Innocents

I feel as though I am becoming a bit redundant in my last few posts. It seems like every week now the forces of the Israeli occupation are slaying untold numbers of unarmed Palestinian men, women and children for the ‘crime’ of protesting their own mistreatment. Since many otherwise politically-minded people seem a bit reluctant

Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has many amazing curative powers for a huge number of ills. It has an ability to balance your pH, increase good gut bacteria and help to control your weight, among many other uses. A really sensational ability is to balance the blood sugar, according to a study completed at the Arizona

Vertigo Remedies

Have you ever experienced vertigo? That spinning and dizziness sensation can certainly limit your activities and can even make you sick. It sometimes makes it difficult to walk without losing your balance and you feel like things are spinning around the room. Some simple maneuvers can be done at home for relief, but you have

Research Study – Antibacterial Activity of Curcumin – Amoxicillin Combo

Turmeric, the golden spice without which any kitchen is incomplete, has been used for providing a yellow colour and a beautiful aroma to the curry since ancient times. Its major bioactive compound is Curcumin which is present in its underground stem. It exhibits a range of therapeutic properties. It helps in relieving inflammation by inhibiting

What Upcoming Moms Should Eat

Just because the bun is still in the oven does not mean you are not allowed to celebrate Mother’s Day. You are a mom-to-be, with “mom” being the main keyword. In fact, you are already a great mother — you talk and sing to your baby; you are making major sacrifices for his or her