Bulking – Eating for muscle mass

Bulking is a diet term used in the bodybuilding community to eat to gain muscle mass. It has different interpretations in terms of how it works and what you can eat for the “bulk”. Some call it an excuse to eat unhealthy as much as you want, and some say they do a “clean” bulk

My blessing from Hawaii

Learning the Aloha Spirit? Every time we pick up a newspaper or watch the news, the lead story is always about some person-to- person horror with the foundation being centered around race, culture or religion always resulting in bloodshed, mayhem, chaos or oppression. Seeing this we become fearful and anxious and struggle to remain optimistic

IBS – Irritating foods to avoid

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects somewhere between 5-10% of the population. This digestive condition is uncomfortable and intrusive upon daily living. Those who suffer from IBS must be careful of certain foods that trigger disruption to digestion. Although having a complete list of possible foods to avoid for a person with IBS is practically impossible,

The Energizing Power of Community at Summer Festivals

In an era where our interactions are increasingly digitized and our social circles can feel cramped by the walls of our own minds, the vibrancy and pulse of a summer festival can be a great antidote. The Pull of Shared Passions Festivals are the embodiments of shared passions, diverse yet united under a common thread,

Respiratory Issues in Dogs: Understanding and Addressing Your Canine’s Breathing Problems

Respiratory issues in dogs can be a cause for concern for any pet owner. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of respiratory conditions that affect their airways and lungs, which are essential for breathing. Some of the common respiratory problems in dogs include infectious diseases like kennel cough, inflammatory conditions like bronchitis,

Cryotherapy – Cold never felt so good

Cold therapy, termed cryotherapy, has become a popular form of self-care for the body. It can be done in one or more areas of the body and some people have it done on their whole body. The idea behind cryotherapy is that immersing the body in cold temperatures produces several benefits. The most popular approach

What if . . .

What if someone or a group of someone’s wanted to keep the people in a state of ill health? How do you suppose they might go about that? What about producing and strongly promoting high fat, highly processed, high caloric, devitalized, highly chemicalized, and genetically modified foods? That would work, wouldn’t it? Do you think

IT band syndrome – Injury to movement

Iliotibial band syndrome (IT) is a pain many workout enthusiasts, runners, and cyclists can experience. The area affected is near the outside of the hip and/or the outside of the knee. The IT is a band of strong tissue that runs from the hip to the tibia which is below the knee joint and at

Migraine Relief – Natural alleviation

Migraine relief is a highly desired practice among the 42 million Americans who experience them. Most people (52%) go undiagnosed and attribute their headaches to their sinuses, so the cycle of chronic migraines that strike from time to time continues. 70% of those people who have migraines are women. Migraines are a real issue for

Breast Cancer in Young People: Causes, Types, Consequences

For decades, many believed that breast cancer only affected older women. The disease typically occurs in women above 40, and the overall risk increases with age. However, young women can develop breast cancer, too. It’s important to understand this misconception and acknowledge that breast cancer does not care about age. Considering merely 1 in 1,479